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Thank you to all of the families who came into school last Friday afternoon in order to be part of our 'Year 5 Welcome Assembly'. It was wonderful to have so many families joining us.
Thank you also for the feedback you gave to us via our questionnaires. Whilst we will begin 'number crunching' this coming week, we have already sifted out those questionnaires where comments have been made. Where a reply is necesary or helpful, we hope to be in contact with you during the coming week.
In the meantime, a number of Year 5 families have, correctly, pointed out that our Year 5 Tutor Evening is on the same evening as Cedars' Open Evening. This is something I discussed with Mr Palmer at Cedars as we planned our calendars at the end of last term. Please be reassured that our evening will end ahead of the Cedars' evening beginning.
Best wishes
Kate Smith



 Reporting pupil absences TELEPHONE: 0845 3570159 or TEXT: 076248 12166*


Welcome to Linslade School

We are a thriving academy, delivering a broad curriculum, wide range of extra curricular activities and challenging expectations to our motivated, well behaved pupils.


We hold a traditional belief in the importance of strong values:  our children are expected to be polite, considerate, self motivated and hard working.  At the same time, we offer an innovative curriculum which seeks to develop the whole child, leading to high rates of progress and strong levels of achievement.  We place a focus on sports (we hold specialist status in sport), drama, arts and music in order to motivate children in all aspects of school, especially in their academic studies.  This philosophy, soundly grounded in research and successful experience, is supported by the extensive use of setting by ability and small classes (usually between 16 and 24) to ensure that appropriate challenge can be given to every child.  We are firm believers in the importance of competition. Our House System routinely provides pupils with opportunities to compete in activities such as sport, drama, music and art. We also run an extensive fixture list, with matches in a number of sports at all age and ability levels. Residential and day trips, visitors and curriculum enrichment days complete our broad curriculum.

Weekly Newsletter Friday 20th June 2014

Newsletter: Friday 20th June 2014

Our current value is: Trust



Our thought of the week:

‘The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.’

Ernest Hemingway



Dear Pupils, Parents and Carers

I suspect this edition of the newsletter could be one of our longest; the reason being this has been the biggest gap between newsletters and life at Linslade has sped by at a prolific speed. Even the children have been amazed by how fast time has flown by and just how much we have achieved. The last time I wrote to you, we were approaching SATs week. Since then, we have not only completed the SATs but have also undertaken our week of testing for all year groups as well as keeping up all of the usual activities that ensure time at Linslade never stands still!

Congratulations to Year 6: They approached the SATs with tremendous enthusiasm and commitment. We had three governors in school during the week in order to monitor our systems and procedures. Each one of them was nothing short of impressed by the conduct and perseverance of all of the pupils.  As a result, I declared a non-school uniform for the year group on the Friday, when Year 6 enjoyed a slightly more relaxed day before gearing up for testing week.

  y6satsfinish 1   y6 satsfinish2

The SATs results will arrive in school on Tuesday 8 July and I aim to publish individual results to families on Friday 11 July. Our headline figures will be published in the newsletter soon after.

Parents’ Forum: Thursday 15 May.
Many thanks to those families who came along to the forum to discuss the school’s recent Ofsted report. It was a really constructive evening and a useful opportunity for parents/carers, teaching staff and governors to work together. I have now posted a copy of the PowerPoint used on the evening on the website and will be adding notes from the discussion in due course.

Thank you also to families who were not able to attend on the evening but who took the time to make contact with us to feed back their thoughts with regard to Ofsted. The consensus is one of the support and a conviction that the school has moved forward and has plans to ensure that it continues to do so.

Copies of our ‘draft’ Ofsted Action Plan was issued to families on the evening. A finalised version will be available to all families in due course and will be published via the website.  

Doughnut Day- 16th May 2014 - Miss J Horwood.

childrenstrust2014 2The week of 12 – 16 May was ‘National Doughnut Week’ and Linslade School celebrated this on Friday 16 May by selling doughnuts to raise funds for The Children’s Trust; a charity raising money to help support children who have a brain injury.

The final amount raised from the selling of the doughnuts was an admirable £170.40.

I would like to thank every student who donated money to buy doughnuts as they have contributed to making a child’s life better. Well done to members of 7JH for giving up their break time and lunch time to help sell doughnuts. I would also like to extend my thanks to Tesco and Waterdean who thoughtfully donated doughnuts to us to sell  and  to Mrs Grimwood and her catering team for kindly making some doughnuts for the charity too.

The whole event showed great team work and dedication to a worthwhile cause and is yet another example of how Linslade School and the local community work so well together.         

  donutday2  donutday3

A Media Spotlight on Linslade: Friday 16 May.
Friday 16 May was an exceptionally busy day for all of us at Linslade. It was not simply a case of celebrating the end of SATs and selling doughnuts for charity, but a day when the media descended upon us. The reason – the national launch of the Young Carers’ Standard.


As mentioned previously, Linslade has been part of a national pilot to develop and launch a national standard for the support of young carers in schools. Together with four schools in Central Bedfordshire, we have attained the gold standard.


It was an incredibly early start for me due to an interview on local radio just after 6 a.m.  By  9.00 a.m. the TV cameras were in school ready to film interviews with staff, pupils and representatives from the Childrens’ Society – whose idea it was to create a national standard. Reporter, Russell Hookey had already been to the home of Year 7 pupil April Worsfold to film her in her role as a carer for her elder sister Tyler.

It was an interesting experience for us all as we got to see, first hand, all the different elements of filming and compiling news features, including Russell filming his famous (and amusing) ‘nodding’ ready to be edited into the interview at a later stage.

 mediaspotlight2014 1  mediaspotlight 2

Once the filming had ended, it was a case of a quick photo shoot ready for release to the media in support of the wider launch of the scheme.

Thank you to everyone who supported us on that day and a special thank you to About Anglia’s Russell Hookey who was a great sport for agreeing to be photographed for the newsletter eating one of our doughnuts for ‘Doughnut Day’.

mediaspotlight 3

Linslade hits Japanese TV.
The TV cameras returned to Linslade on Tuesday 3 June and this time we went global since, this time, it was a team of Japanese documentary makers who came to visit us. The purpose of the filming was to explore the differences between attitudes to and support for Young Carers here and those that exist in Japan, where the UK is seen as being an example of outstanding practice.  Whilst we won’t be able to watch the programme direct, we have been promised a DVD of the recording.

  japanesetv1  japanesetv2

Please can we have your help with the following?
Lunch boxes not lunch bags. Sadly, we are starting to see the reappearance of plastic carrier bags in place of lunch boxes. Whilst this might appear to be easier for pupils, it is causing us a huge problem in terms of litter around the site. Please would you ensure that your child brings his/her packed lunch into school in a named lunch box.


Writing equipment: Please would you ensure that your child brings a roller ball pen into school each morning. A number of biros appear to be creeping in. If your child does not have a roller ball pen, he/she can purchase one from Miss Parker in the office for the bargain price of £1.

Dogs on school site: Twice in the past week, we have been required to ask families to remove their pet dogs from the school site during the course of different sports fixtures. There are a number of good reasons for making such requests including the risk of fouling and also the potential risk of injury to the children. I would like to take this opportunity to remind families that we cannot allow any dogs on site unless they are medical dogs e.g. guide dogs.

Congratulations go to:

Alex Sadler in Year 6
who was recently voted Coaches’ Under 11s Player of the Year at   Leighton Buzzard RFC.  The award was given for Alex’s dedication to this team and his growing proficiency as a player. We were delighted to share Alex’s success in assembly where he was re-presented with his cup.


Gracie Trotter also in Year 6:  On Saturday 18 may, Gracie took part in a swimming open meet. She entered 6 races that took place over 2 sessions in, what was, a very long day at the poolside. The final outcome was  an impressive 2 silver medals; one in the 100m freestyle, the other in the 50m backstroke.

gracietrotter june swim

Pictured with Gracie is Eloise Wall who also had amazing success at the same competition.


Chloe Leslie in Year 6:  Chloe writes;

‘On Sunday 25 May, I competed in a county floor and vault competition in MK Springers. I did level 3 11 – 12 category. I came first on the floor and scored 13.05 and first overall (out of 7 people) with 22.95.

On 18 May,I competed in a regional 4 piece competition in Ipswich. I came first (out of 15 people) on the floor with 12.55.’


Hallie Copperwheat, again in Year 6:  Hallie writes;
'On Sunday 1 June, I competed in my compulsory level 2 National Final; this resulted in me competing against girls from everywhere in Britain that are my age.

I competed on five pieces of apparatus: bars. Beam, floor, vault and range. I was leading throughout the competition but unfortunately, on the last piece, I got bumped down to fourth. This was still a big achievement foe me as it was the highest I have ever placed at a National Final.
You have to pass the grade to move onto the next. The pass mark was 50.00. I scored 62.250 so I passed within 12 marks. I am now working towards my next grade.'


Chloe and Hallie are pictured together celebrating their successes.


Ben Smith Year 7: Ben has just been crowned Under 18 County Champion in Fencing.  Here he tells us about the competition.
'When I entered the tournament I thought it was just a friendly tournament against another club, but it turned out to be the tournament to be under 18s County Champion. We started in a pool (a pool is where you play every one in your group once). I won 1 of the 7 matches, but everyone goes through to the knockout stages. I won my first knockout stage by 10-5, the second 10-7, the third 10-9 (a close one) and then it was the final against one of the boys I had lost to in the pool. I knew his moves and he was tired out but I don’t tire easily in fencing. I beat him quite easily 10-3 which won me the under 14s as well as the under 18s County Championship Title. Fencing is a very exciting sport and I would recommend anyone to take it up as a sport or hobby, at my club you can even borrow the uniform to fence in.  By Ben Smith 7MJO'

  fencingu18 1  fencingu18 2

Being creative in learning: Year 6 Geography.
Recently Mrs Hughes’ Year 6 humanities class has been learning all about maps and, in particular, contour lines.  The class was asked to produce a model to show their understanding of contour lines – both on maps and in real life. The results certainly surpassed all expectations and have not failed to impress.  Pictured below are Alex Sanders, Johnny Cort and Riley Dobson who came to see me to show me their amazing work; each piece carefully researched and skilfully crafted.


But not to be outdone – the creativity of other members of the class really took hold as we then received models made from cake, marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies!! Well done Year 6!!

geog2014june 2  geogjune2014 3

Year 8 English Romeo and Juliet Story Boards:  Year 8 have been working hard studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Part of their work has involved producing a story board of the play. The results have been stunning! Pictured below is just one example of the work that is currently on display on the WOW Wall just outside the hall. Please do stop and admire the work next time you are in school. You won’t fail to be impressed!

y8english romeo

Homework for This Half Term:
Please find below a copy of the homework timetable for this term. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to the homework set for your child, please contact the class teacher in the first instance, followed by their Head of Department. (Please refer to the contacts list on our website.) Should you continue to have concerns, please contact the school and ask to speak to Ms Smith.


Week Beginning

 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8
  Eng, Maths, Reading, Tables Spelling Eng, Maths, Science, Hums, French
Monday 16th June French Science Humanities DT ART
Monday 23rd June Humanities French Science ART DT
Monday 30th June French Science Humanities IT Music
Monday 7th July Activities Week
Monday 14th July Reflection Week
Monday 21st July No homework end of term 23.7.14


Welcome to our new Year 5 intake!!
We are delighted to be welcoming 163 new pupils to Linslade as of September 2014. Already the children have received a series of letters home, including a welcome booklet written by our current Year 5 pupils.  Each of our main feeder schools have now been to visit to spend an afternoon getting to know the school via music and science based activities. Our more recent guests have included pupils from Greenleas and Southcott, all of whom had a fantastic time.

  newintake2014 1  newintake2014 2

  newintake2014 3  newintake2014 4

  newintake2014 5  newintake2014 6

We have also welcomed a group of 14 Year 4 pupils to Linslade via our ‘Stepping Up Programme’. The pupils who were with us this Tuesday had a great time exploring the school and getting involved in a range of activities created by Mrs Tait and Mrs Wallace.

Information Evening for New Intake Parents/Carers:  A reminder that this will take place on Thursday 26 June at 7.00 p.m. Letters are in the post! Please may I remind families that this is an evening for parents/carers only. Unfortunately, numbers mean that we are unable to accommodate more than 2 adults per family on this occasion.

Roll Up Day:  This takes place for everyone on Wednesday 2 July. This is a very important day for all of us as Year 4 become Year 5, Year 5 become Year 6, Year 6 become Year 7 become Year 8 and Year 8 discover life in their new upper schools for the very first time.

Key Dates for Your Diaries:


Thursday 26th June: Information Evening for New Intake Parents/Carers
Friday 27th June:

Linslade School Talent Show (please see the letter from the LSPTA for details)

Wednesday 2nd July: Roll up day
Thursday 3rd July: Summer Concert and Art Exhibition (details to follow)
Monday 7th - 11th July Activities Week (there will be no clubs this week. Bluebells will run as usual)
Monday 21st July Reports Issued
Tuesday 22nd July Year 8 Leavers' Party
Wednesday 23rd July School Closes at 12.45pm
Wednesday 1st September Start of the new academic year

Term Dates for 2014/2015:
Autumn        Thurs 03.09.2014 – Fri 19.12.2014
                     (Half term 1 week commencing 27.10.2013)

Spring          Tues 06.01.2015 – Fri 27.03.2015
                     (Half term 1 week commencing 16.02.2015)

Summer       Mon 13.04.2015 – Fri 17.07.2015
                    (May Day 05.05.2015)
                    (Half term 1 week commencing 26.05.2015)

Training Days (School closed to pupils)

            Mon   01.09.2014
            Tues   02.09.2014
            Mon   03.11.2014
            Mon   05.01.2015


Sports News: After such a long time since our last newsletter, we have a lot of good news to report!

Newsletter- Tri-golf- Monday 19th May 2014- Miss Horwood.
On Monday 19 May four girls and four boys went over to Leighton Buzzard Golf Course to play in a Tri-Golf competition. “What is Tri-Golf?” I hear you cry. It is a fun introductory game to golf that is a combination of skill and speed, where you have to score as many points as possible in a given time. The fixture required teamwork, perseverance, co-operation and individuality. All the students did extremely well in displaying all of the values that the school upholds. On the day, the students had to be split into two teams. Team A consisted of: Rebecca Devereux, Archie Galpin, Ella Claridge and Freddie Heeps and Team 1 compromised : Imogen Dodd, Yasin Lester, Alice Butler and Tomas Jeans.

The teams had to partake in some exciting, fun golfing challenges. Team 1 started off skilfully playing some of the basic shots and applying them to the tasks. They continued to develop their golfing skills throughout the course and ended with an admirable score of 382, placing them third in the competition.

It was then Team A’s turn to take on the course. They had a shaky start while they got their heads around the skills and tactics needed in the challenges. They soon adapted and started thinking strategically and, as they did so, their performance went from strength to strength. They started to realise that composure and skill were needed, and so they turned their performance up a level. They then came together as a team and scored a whopping 692. This took them to the top of the table and through to the County Finals.

Linslade will, therefore, be representing the district at Tri-Golf in the Beds and Luton Summer Games that is due to be held on the 26th June 2014. Go Linslade!

Year 5 and 6 Girls County Football Finals 21 May 2014: Miss Horwood.
On Wednesday 21st May Linslade attended the County Football Finals at Redborne School. The standard of competition was extremely high and the girls knew they had to play their best. They started off with a great start and won the first game 1-0 with a superb goal from Ella Claridge (vice-captain). The second game came and they shrugged off the competition and won 2-0 with some superb defending by Mia Tubby and Emily Carpenter and Ella scoring both goals. The third game began and a goal was scored at both ends, resulting in a tight 1-1 draw, with Ella scoring again. She definitely had her shooting boots on that day. The goal was unbelievable with the ball on the side line, she swiped at it and managed to get the ball past the keeper. 

The fourth game arrived and the girls managed to draw again with some hard work and determination coming from Imogen Dodd and Rebecca Devereux (captain) whose tracking back and perseverance prevented us conceding. The fifth game was highly pressured as we had to win, or the final game would be a tough challenge. The game became rather heated because of the hot weather and fatigue kicking into the girls’ legs. Gracie-May Crabtree worked extremely hard, tackling and passing accurately to the team players. She was substituted to bring on fresh legs in the form of Willow Powell who continued this hard work. Zoe Barnes did her upmost to keep spirits high by cheering on her side and encouraging positive play. With a win needed and Emily Smith saving the ball left, right, and centre it was left to Ella to score again. This left us in a positive position for the last game.

The final game approached and for both teams it was do or die. The teams knew if they won they would win the whole tournament. This, to us, made it the final. Ella kicked off the final with an early goal meaning all we had to do was sit back and defend. This was a challenging task. The competitors kept trying and trying and with a few minutes left nicked a goal back to make the final score 1-1 in the final game. It was then down to the results table to announce the winners. We were patient and awaited our fate.

The outcome was a positive one with Year 5 and 6 Linslade girls crowned County Football Champions on goal difference!

The day was a truly amazing experience for all involved. Red faces with beaming smiles showed that the girls worked hard for their reward. The nine girls are a true inspiration to Linslade and they should be very proud of their achievement, I know I certainly was!

y56 girls football


Year 8 Cricket: Mr Jones – Tuesday 10th June
Although several players were missing due to other commitments and Emil Drewitt and Ben Poole were making their school debuts in an inexperienced line-up, the Year 8 Cricket team still produced a winning performance against Leighton.  Batting first, Linslade struggled to score quickly against some erratic bowling and were restricted to 81 for 1.  Captain Sam Scott led the bowling with familiar pace and accuracy, picking up three middle order wickets which swung the game in his team’s favour. Tim Brace, Emil Drewitt and Max Jones were the other wicket takers as Leighton were dismissed for just 47.

Year 5/6 and 7/8 Tennis: - May 2014 Mr Jones and Mr Sanders.
Linslade fielded Year 5/6 A and B teams and Year 7/8 A and B teams in the Leighton-Linslade Schools’ Tennis Competition.
The Year 5/6 A team of Tom Baggeley, Ella Claridge, Owen Lindars and Poppy Booth and the B team of Johnny Cort, Thomas D’Amery, Emma Connelly and Jessica Denvers both won all of their pool matches which meant that there was an all-Linslade final.  The A team prevailed (to the relief of the selectors!) and Tom Baggaley and Ella Claridge maintained their personal 100% records to win the competition and qualify for the County Finals.

The Year 7/8 B team of Tadhg Lester, Isabelle Patience-Slade, Sam Scott and Hannah Lloyd won both of their pool matches to qualify for the final against Leighton A who included the rather formidable boys’ County Champion! With the scores tied, the competition depended on the final doubles game. Sam Scott and Hannah Lloyd held their nerve (as well as their personal 100% records) to win the game and take the team to the County Finals.

The Year 7/8 B team of George Rabbitt, Rosie Dickson, Max Jones and Heather Kerr performed exceptionally well and only narrowly lost to the other schools’ A teams. Heather Kerr enjoyed some personal success and won both of her matches.
Well done everybody and good luck to our County Finalists.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Sanders


Fantasy Football
fantasyleague 2014

Fantasy football has been enjoyed by 61 different teams this year. It only seems two minutes since the league started back in October. Each week the pupils and teachers have been adapting their teams to make sure they get the maximum amount of points each week. Some managers made excellent decisions when it came to selection and some managers were not so lucky. The manager who got the most points each month can be seen below.


However a nail biting finish to the season saw one lucky Year 5 boy scoop the prize. It didn’t seem to matter what the teachers or the pupils did, they couldn’t match his consistency across the season. So a special well done to Adam McNeil with his team name of: The Trophies In My Hands!




1st Adam McNeil - Year 5 – Team name: The Trophies In My Hands – 1242 points
2nd Finn Deville – Year7 – Team name:  Athletico Suarez – 1172 points
3rd Rocco Arganese McDermott  – Year 6 – Team name:  Rocco To Win The League – 1155 points.

2014fantasyleague 2

Manager of the month:
•    October = Tomas Rivers – Year 7
•    November = Thomas Timberlake – Year 8
•    December = Finn Deville – Year 7
•    January = Ethan Gell – Year 5
•    February = Jack Bown – Year 7
•    March = Adam McNeil – Year 5
•    April = Jack Rogers – Year 6
•    May = Mr Sanders – Teacher

2014fantasyleague 3
Well done to all of the pupils and teachers who took part. I look forward to starting this club up again in October which I hope will include even more pupils. 

Mr Cronin  

Tuesday 10th June 2014 Y8 Rounders Competition: Miss Horwood.
The greatly anticipated day arrived, the day of the Year 8 girls’ Rounder’s Tournament. The girls were ready to face the tough opposition. We batted first and notched up a good total. We then had to field and, after the team settled, correct decisions started to be made, and the game was won.  They then went on to the second game with the opposition thinking they could beat us easily after observing our few fielding errors in game one. The girls switched on and used this to our advantage. We won the second game convincingly, leaving us with one game to win. This was the hardest team yet to play. The girls started off well with some good fielding, but with the batting all to do they struggled to get many rounders and ended up losing by two rounders. This left Linslade Year 8 rounders’ team in second place in their final tournament at Linslade. Well done girls, we were unlucky in that last game.

Celebration Assemblies:

The winners from assembly on Friday 16 May were as follows:


Bucketful of Joy:

Year 5: Joshua Kippax
Year 6: Melissa Foxwell
Year 7: Lilly Potton
Year 8: Adam Hurley


Our Values Champions for displaying the value of Cooperation throughout the week were:

Year 5 – Sam Harding 5TR
Year 6 – The Whole of 6MJ (who had been exceptional during the SATs!)
Year 7 – Ellie Waller
Year 8 – Jamie McClelland


Eating toast were: 8TS


The winners from assembly on Friday 23 May were as follows:

Bucketful of Joy:
Year 5 – Mia Robinson
Year 6 – Rebecca Devereux
Year 7 – Charlotte Rust
Year 8 – Callum Rhead


Our Values Champions for displaying the value of Cooperation throughout the week were:

Year 5: Maisie Bell
Year 6: Obi Clarke
Year 7: Finlay Tarvitt
Year 8: Zoe Jordan


Eating Toast were 5RL
The winners from assembly on Friday 6 June were as follows:

Bucketful of Joy:

Year 5 – Angelina Wesley Johanssen
Year 6 – Bethany Paterson
Year 7 – Joni Dennis
Year 8 – Callum Rhead


Our Values Champions for displaying the value of Cooperation throughout the week were:

Year 5: Joseph Golding
Year 6: Harry Walker
Year 7: Sam Gajewski
Year 8: Alice Paige


Eating Toast were 6AH


And finally…

Congratulations to Bassett who were overall winners at last week’s Sports Day – a full report will follow in our next newsletter which, I promise, will not be as belated as this one has been.  

Good luck to our choir who are singing in the Edlesborough Festival Choirfest on Saturday afternoon.

Congratulations if, indeed, you have made it to the end of this edition of the newsletter – the Sunday broadsheets with all of their supplements will struggle to compete with the Linslade Newsletter this week!

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a good one!
Best wishes

Kate Smith

CB parent partnership

Central Bedfordshire Parent Partnership Service
Tel: 0300 300 8088

Do you have a child with Special Educational Needs in Nursery or School?
Free Drop In Information sessions for parents/carers.

We are a free, confidential and impartial support service for parents and carers of children with Special Educational Needs.  We support children from 0 -19 years.

Advice about:                                               How we help:
Finding a school                                          Telephone helpline                                                                                                
Classroom Support                                      Leaflets and information
IEP’s                                                            Website and downloadable resources                                                                              
Behaviour issues                                        Help with forms, letters and statements
Getting a Statement                                   Information on local support groups
Statements and Annual Reviews               Home visits and support at school meetings

You can turn up on the day, or phone in advance to let us know you are coming, we will be very happy to meet you.  If you cannot get to a session and need to talk to someone, just call us.

The Moorings Children’s Centre, Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard LU7 3HS
Tuesdays from 09:30 am – 11.00am
24th June, 22nd July 2014

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