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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Being able to offer our children a wide range of diverse extra curricular activities is very important as it encourages them to become independent, confident and successful members of the community. Many of our clubs are run by external providers and take place before school but we also run clubs at lunchtime and after school.

All students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity. By getting involved in activities beyond the classroom, students participate in the life of the school and have ownership of their school. Through these activities, we encourage and enable our pupils to learn new skills, meet new friends and develop their confidence. These are also an extension of the official curriculum.

Our comprehensive programme of activities meets the needs and interests of each individual. In addition to our wide range of clubs, we also organise visits, trips and workshops to support topics studied in class and which provide opportunity and inspiration for pupils to further develop their skills, knowledge and expertise.


clubs timetable summer term 2024.pdf